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The energizing and balancing treatment was founded by the doctor Shivago Komarpa. He is found to be the close friend of Buddha. The Thai style massage combines both stretching and pressure point massage to release the energy blocks occurred due to tightness in the muscle tissues. When special massaging techniques are applied using firm pressure, the muscle tension is released thereby enabling proper blood flow.

As a result, energy blocks are removed leading to natural healing. As it increases flexibility and mobility in joints, it can help to improve breathing, boost immunity and promote mental health. The Thai back rub is most appropriate for individuals suffering from muscular pressure, acute and chronic pain and body weariness, and individuals with mental pressure and stress.

The ancient healing system combines rarely uses oils or lotions for lubrication. When the body is compressed, stretched, pulled, and rocked, energy is balanced for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well being. The exciting and powerful mind, body and soul healing experience allows therapists to use their thumbs, knees, forearms, palms, elbows, and feet to create a rhythmic movement on the body.

So if you’re looking to enjoy an unforgettable Thai style full body massage, contact our therapists at 760-855-5380.

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Healing and relaxation treatment can help you balance your health and fitness goals. It can likewise help to deal with an extensive variety of medical problems like muscle soreness and blood pressure. When proper massage techniques are performed in a professional manner, energy blockages are removed stimulating blood circulation. That's why we request you to visit our Massage Mesa, Prince SPA located in Mesa AZ. Our uniquely skilled therapist having world class experience in delivering quality massage treatments can suggest the best massage that suits the customer's issues. We truly care about your health and well being. Receive one of the best value Asian massage treatments at affordable prices. Enjoy moments of absolute serenity in our safe, comfortable and soothing spa space. Feel yourself relieved from tension headaches, chronic pain, stress, mental trauma, sports injuries, digestive disorders, etc.

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  • Massage Mesa, Prince SPA has the magic touch. Their spa is so luxurious and plush. Each one of the therapists is professional and took personal care of their clients. Best massage ever in my whole spa experience. I will return to see them in the future.
    - Shelly Rose
  • I come here for every 2 weeks to get a full body massage. I highly recommend this relaxing and rejuvenating spot if you have problem knots. This was definitely worth the money. 10 star massage experience.
    - Peter Steve

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If you’re not sure about your body treatments or have any concerns, we’re available to answer your call, describe our luxurious services, and clarify your doubts.

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